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Wedding Menu Planning Tips

Wedding Menu Planning Tips

The big day is soon approaching. It’s time to start planning your wedding menu. Here are some tips to make sure you have the cuisine of your dreams.

Taste. Before you make any menu decisions, do a tasting. The Inn Credible Caterers family (Chalet on the Hudson, The Clubhouse at Patriot Hills, and Inn Credible Caterers Off Premise) offers group tastings throughout the year, as well as private tastings for those unable to attend the group event. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn about how the food tastes, portion sizes, and presentation.

Personalize. Select dishes that you really love and make an impression with something unexpected. If you like comfort food, go for the shepherd’s pie. Italian food fan? Consider the San Gennaro Feast. Bacon lover? Add on a bacon station. Want to focus on local sourced? Select a Farm to Table option. Tailor the menu to your tastes, just keep in mind any dietary restrictions your guests may have.

Do you want a traditional sit down dinner, buffet, or progressive cocktail affair? If you want the meal to be the center of the event, choose a sit down dinner. More interested in mingling and dancing? A buffet or progressive cocktail affair may be a better option.

Don’t forget about the cocktails. Select a signature drink for the wedding. Or, pick one for the bride and one for the groom.

Finalize. You will want to finalize your menu one month before the wedding. And don’t worry, we are here to help you make sure everything coordinates beautifully.