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Wedding Menu Card Ideas

Wedding Menu Card Ideas

Wedding menu cards have pretty much become a reception staple. In addition to letting guests know what cuisine will be served, the cards are a great way to carry over the design from your invitations and/or theme in yet one more place. There are many options to choose from:

One card for each place setting

One card per table posed nicely on a stand or against a glass

Placed directly on a plate

Folded inside a napkin



Die cut shapes like the one pictured above

Coordinating mattes


Tied with ribbon

Wax stamped monograms

Embellishments, such as flowers or herbs


With the variety of fonts and card hues, shapes and sizes available, you can create a menu card that will work beautifully with your tablescape. If you are having buffet style, you can place a card next to each station. Ask your printer about the options they offer. You can also find websites with templates you can follow for a DIY project.  Below are pictures of menu card display choices of some of our clients.

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