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Pretty Wedding Reception Lighting Ideas

purple wedding reception lighting

Lights. Camera. Action. There are so many ways lighting can enhance your reception. It can set the mood, create a specific atmosphere, highlight the décor, and more.  Here are a few ideas on how you can transform your venue with a flip of the switch.

Spotlight centerpieces to bring out the color or light them up for added drama.

lighted centerpiece

lighted centerpiece 2

Accent walls and columns to create ambiance.



blue lighted columns

Up light your wedding cake or ice sculpture.

lighted wedding cake

lighting on ice sculpture

Personalize the day with gobos, circular stencils that project a design or pattern, such as your monogram, names, or date, onto the wall or dance floor

lighted message on dance floor

Use color to set the mood. If you are enjoying the sunset, wash the room with gold. As the party progresses, switch to pinks, purples or blues for a more festive feeling.

gold lighting

purple lighting room