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Wedding Tasting Tips

Wedding Tasting Tips

Tastings are an exciting part of the wedding planning process. With the cuisine playing such an important role on the big day, you should take advantage of this dress rehearsal. Rather than simply making a decision by reading dishes off of a list, a tasting allows you to experience how each dish looks, smells and tastes. This is a wonderful opportunity to really personalize your menu.

Here are some tips to keep in mind for your tasting:

  1. Don’t eat ahead of time. There will be plenty of food to sample and you want the stomach room to do so.
  2. Savor each bite. Take the time to taste and enjoy the dishes – don’t rush through.
  3. Take notes.  Jot down what you loved, what wasn’t for you, and what you would like to tweak. Snap photos for reference.
  4. Ask questions. When you find a dish you love, ask what it will pair best with. This will help you with your overall menu selection. Inquire about side dishes and presentation.
  5. Keep an open mind. While it is of course important for you to enjoy your menu, also think about what your guests will enjoy. Be sure to consider any special dietary restrictions.

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